DIY projects for your wedding are not only a way to make the wedding about the bride and groom, they can also be a way to make things special for a family member or friends. One of the ways I chose to do this was to make something special for part of my new family, the in-laws. Two of my new nieces are going to be the flower girls of our wedding and I knew the perfect way to do a little something special for them. I chose to hand sew the two flower girl dresses myself, but even if you can’t sow, you can find your own way to do something special and personalized for your family or friends.

I first got my inspiration by looking up flower girl dresses on Pinterest. I saw a trend with a lot of them that involved tutus and making the flower girl look like a little princess/ballerina. I really liked this especially since my two flower girls are girly girls and love Disney princesses. I have sowing experience (thanks mom for the 3+ years of sowing camp) so I had an advantage here when it came to making the dresses.

My first step was to take apart some old ballet tutus from when I was younger, and I died the tulle yellow to match our wedding. Then I bought cute little white lacy tank tops from the little girls department and cut them shorter. Now it was time to attach the tulle to the tank tops, I did this by simply hand sowing the tulle to the bottom of the cut tank top and gathering and bunching it up as I went along to give it the full tutu affect. And the final step was to add the flower and ribbon embellishments. I got the flowers and ribbon from Michael’s and sowed them on to add pizazz. It only took me one full day to sow both dresses and we were able to give them to my fiancés sisters and nieces the next night. They were blown away and really touched by the effort I put forth.



In my recent interview with a bride I found out that she used a lot of DIY techniques herself to make her wedding more cost friendly and special. Jennifer Biernesser told me, “I DIY’ed a TON of stuff for my wedding. Let’s see. My mom and I made our invitations. I wanted these beautiful pocket fold invites but they were super expensive to order. We ordered just the actual pocket fold part and then DIY’ed all the inserts, the center, and snowflake details, everything basically.” Jennifer talked about how she saved almost $5000 dollars doing different DIY items. This made it possible for her to spend more money on important things like her Photographer. She also talks about how she was able to save a lot of money when it came to doing her own flower arrangements, “We DIY’ed all our flowers- the bouquets, the boutonnieres, the arrangements for the ceremony, and the wrist corsages. We went to a local florist and had them order the flowers and then paid a small fee to use their supplies and tables to assemble them. My mom and some friends of ours assembled all of them and I love how they turned out.” This tip is great for even when you don’t want to DIY something special FOR your family…you can always include them and DIY something special WITH them!




The above 3 photos are of Jennifer and Drew’s beautiful winter wedding, Photography is done by and Jennifer is VERY pleased with the job they did…so check them out!


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