Deliciously DIY

Today’s delicious DIY helpful hints are all about bringing tasty treats to your wedding! This post was inspired by my recent interview with my friend Chrissie Smith. When I asked Chrissie what she DIY’ed for her wedding, she told me about her Candy Bar that she made herself. “I made a candy bar for my wedding and it only cost me about $100 to put it all together. This included all the candy, the signs, the dishes to display the candy, and all the favor boxes for guests to put their candy in to take home” Chrissie said. I attended Chrissie’s wedding to now husband Tyler, and I must say their candy bar was very cute and well done for only costing $100.
I have not decided yet if I want to do a candy bar for my wedding, but I have been looking into it and thinking of different DIY tips for it and I will share those below!

It seems the best place to get your candy is Party City. Below are some photos of the different candies they have available in the different colors. It is really neat because there is an entire section with different colors from black and white, to three different shades of blue. You can coordinate with your wedding colors, keep it simple with black and white, or do something fun like your favorite sports teams colors.






The different types of candy that they offer are lollipops of two different kinds, rock candy, candy sticks, gumballs, sixlets, chocolate candies, mints, and more. The different kinds of candy they offer give you a lot of good options for making the table look nice because you can put a low dish filled with gummy bears, and a tall vase like dish with candy sticks. Varying sizes of candy and heights and dish types will make your Candy Bar pleasing to the eye.




For dishes you can be as creative or as simple as you want. Below are some photos of glass dishes that Party City sells in the same aisle as the candy. However I would suggest trying to find cheaper methods. Here are some suggestions:

1. Yard sales. Your dishes don’t have to all match perfectly so hit up a few yard sales and get some cheap dishes and bowls. You can even paint these if they don’t have the look you want.
2. Check your own kitchen! Ask your parents and wedding party if they have different glass bowls and vases that you could borrow for the wedding. I would suggest putting a little piece of masking tape on the bottom of each dish with the owners name so that way they all go back to the right house. Also this will be a great way of incorporating all those friends and family that want to help you out with the wedding.
3. The Dollar Store actually sells glass items and they change out their stock every so often. They won’t have really big dishes, but you can find small and medium size ones for only a dollar. After the wedding these can be re-purposed in your home as décor.
After you have candy and dishes you will need two more things; something for people to put their candy in, and signs or labels on the different types of candy.


For favor bags or boxes, you can buy pretty much any “wedding favor box or bag” from a craft store or wedding store, or you can even buy regular “favor bags” from the party store. They sell favor bags in bulk packs of different sizes, colors, patterns, all kinds of things.


Finally, for signs and labels you could do a couple of different things:

1. Get the little cards typically used for place cards, and then decorate them and design them yourself. You can print things off the computer, use scrapbooking supplies, get creative!
2. Another cute way to label each jar or dish would be to get the round label stickers from the party store, then tie a thick piece of cute ribbon around the jar (bow in back), and put the sticker on the center of the ribbon. Then simply write what candy it is or print it off the computer.
3. And finally a way to label things that would be really cute, but a bit more difficult, would be chalk. Get chalkboard paint (or make your own…lots of recipes for this can be found on pinterest) and paint a section of the jar or dish. Then just take chalk and write little messages or whatever you want.

A candy bar can be useful for several reasons; it is fairly inexpensive to do yourself so you won’t break the bank. There are a lot of wedding favors that are not very practical and most people end up throwing them away the next week, and these can cost $5-$15 a person. A candy bar is not only inexpensive, but who doesn’t like candy? People will take the candy they enjoy, and if they don’t finish it all they can give it to a friend or family member. And if they just don’t enjoy candy, well then they don’t have to take any. Also your candy bar can serve as more décor because think of how pretty the table will look with all your sugary treats on it, in coordinating colors with your wedding, tied up with ribbons or pretty jars. A candy bar has many benefits and will be a nice DIY touch to your wedding.


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