This DIY story is truly about making things personal. I am going to give you some tips and inspiration on how the guests at your wedding can have a good time and get to know the bride and groom even better than they already do.
The inspiration for this DIY came from my fiancé and I’s story, we have been best friends since HS (we met my freshman year). We started dating in June 2012 and got engaged in November 2012. We know each other like the back of our hands, but everyone at the wedding may not. My fiancé said, “The wedding is about us, so I want the guests to have an enjoyable time finding out about us”. This is where I got the idea for table games.

We are going to have table games during our cocktail hour, guests will be able to come inside the reception hall, enjoy some snacks, and play games at their table while they wait on us to finish taking our photos. While interviewing my fiancé for this blog, he said “with pictures taking a while, I want to keep our guests entertained so they don’t get bored” him and I have been to weddings where we are bored and it definitely messes up the party atmosphere we are trying to create. The photo below shows how Pinterest is a great spot to get inspiration!


The first main step is developing questions for your game. Here are some questions I am using and that you may want to use as well. You can change these as needed to fit you and your groom better.

1. Where did the couple meet?
2. Who is older?
3. Where was the first date?
4. Who has lived in Lakeland longer?
5. What is their favorite TV show?
6. Where did Kyle propose?
7. Where did they have their first lunch date after the proposal?
8. Who has the bigger family?
9. Who loves Chick-fil-A more?
10. What is their favorite go-to date night?

These are just some examples of questions to get your mind and inspiration flowing. There are several ways to organize your games and you can be creative here.

One of the game structures I thought of was doing a “his or hers” game. On the left hand side is questions that can be answered either HIM or HER. I would probably put a little line next to each question and have them answer it with a K or T for Kyle or Tora to make things simple on them. Then the left side column questions would be things like “favorite color is purple”, “favorite candy is reeses”, “born in Indiana”, “born in Tampa”, and so on. I might play around with having a few questions be “both” but that might be too complicated for the guests. You want your guests to have a fun time, so don’t make the games complicated. r

Another game structure is a more “fill in the blank” style, almost like a test. This one could be more questions that are about the couple as a whole, versus the couple’s individuality of the other game. For this one I was thinking of having the questions in two columns straight up and down and have the blank under each question. The questions for this game would be more along the lines of “Where did the couple meet?”, “Where did Kyle propose?” and “What do they like to do on their go-to date night?” This game might be a little harder for guests to know all the answers to, but It will be fun for them to guess and they will of course get the answers at the end.
As far as the answers go, there are a couple ways to do this. You could either place the answer key on the back of the page, or make a separate key and put it in an envelope. The first option would be easier; you just simply type the answers on the back side of the paper. Personally though, I like the idea of having a cute little answer key on a business card size paper that is placed in a sealed envelope. This eliminates people peeking at the answers, and creates a sense of excitement as they open the envelope to reveal the answers.

Make sure you decorate each portion of the game! You can put the games on card stock or scrapbook paper; decorate them with ribbon, whatever your creative mind wants. Make sure they go with your wedding décor, colors, and theme since they will be placed on the tables. Next, you want to organize them in a very pretty way so they look like part of the décor. The idea I came up with was to have one game or two game sheets on each place setting, with a pretty pencil tied to it. Then the answer key would be in the center near the centerpiece, only one answer key per table. This ensures they all mingle and talk amongst their table. You could also put pencils in a cute little cup, and have the games all in one cute basket or container. It all depends on your décor and what you see fit for your wedding.

Finally what is a game without a winner and a prize? During the interview my fiancé came up with his idea, “why don’t we have the prize be the center piece or something?” which is a good idea since our center pieces are made of picture frames, but then somebody who really wanted them may not win and the person who won may not want them. My idea is to put in the instructions that after the whole table finishes their game pieces (we are having round tables with 8 chairs each) then one person reads the answers aloud. After every one tallies up their score they name a winner, then when that table is called to go up to the buffet, that winner gets to go first in front of the other members of the table. This way there is a prize and someone feels special but they don’t get a big gift or anything that will cause jealousy amongst their table.

And that is how you DIY table games!

Below are some more photos of inspiration for you!!! Enjoy!








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