Art to Decorations

We all know how important it is to have your reception well decorated. But finding decorations for all the little spots like window sills, cake table, present table, etc. can be daunting to say the least. One solution I found was to create things for your home that can be used at the wedding, then back in your home! YAY!

Our engagement photos turned out AMAZING and we got a high res disk and printing rights to print as many as we want. So I printed off 8x10s of some favorites, and then went to michaels (with my weekly 40% off coupon of course!) and got 8×10 cheap regular staple back canvases.

Making your own photo canvases is actually really easy and looks super pretty. With mod podge, scrapbook paper, and sand paper, that is all you need!

the scrapbook paper is for the edges of the canvas. Cut strips and then mod podge them to the canvas (layer mod podge, then paper, wrap it around the edges, mod podge over top all of it, then mod podge again a few minutes later to ensure the edges stay down.)

Then you spread mod podge all over the front, place your photo down, and mod podge again. Let this dry really good and I recommend doing a couple coats (the mod podge drys clear, so don’t be afraid to put it all over the photo. Just be sure to use same direction brush strokes.)

Finally after you have done all your layers of mod podge and feel comfortable with how it is all stuck down, you simply sand paper the edges of the photo (this takes off the ink layers leaving a small white border around the photo. It makes the photo flesh with the canvas and scrapbook paper and this is the part that makes it look expensive and professional. Just make sure you don’t sand paper to far in to the photo or you will have too big of a white border.)

I even sand papered the corners to make the scrap book paper go down flesh.

And viola! You don’t have to spend 60 or more dollars getting a photo canvas printed at your local store!

As long as you do neutral colors around the edges that will match both your house and your wedding (creams tans browns etc.) you can hang them on your wall, then set them up on tables at your wedding!

TIP: If you make a bunch of them for center pieces or something, and don’t want ALL of them hung in your home, give them to your parents, grooms parents, etc. afterwards as a thank you gift!


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